Obusforme Seat Support Cushion

Obusforme Seat Support Cushion

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  • Obusforme Low Back Support Cushion

How does the Obusforme Seat Support Cushion benefit your posture?

The Obusforme Seat Support cushion is perfect for those who need extra support while sitting for long periods of time. Made from a lightweight polyurethane foam which proves it to be a long lasting, extra supportive and water resistant product.

This support is exceptionally high quality and is by the brand Obusforme who are one of the top selling brands for back supports. Above all, the seat support can attach to any Obusforme back support cushion which reinforces its stability and forms a complete back and seat rest for your spine and pelvis.

The Obusforme Seat Support can be fixed to a wide range of seating areas like an office chair or a car seat. You are able to alter the support by removing the front panel of the cushion if you need to adjust the size therefore it can fit to any seating options.

Features of the Obusforme Seat Support Cushion:

  • Contoured Back and Sides – Keeps the pelvis and hips in a neutral position to improve posture and alignment
  • Contoured Shape – Assists in aligning the pelvis and the thighs
  • Velcro hooks – Easily attached or unattached to any Obusforme back support rest
  • Flexible Support Panels – Engineered to evenly distribute body weight and reduce areas of pressure on the body
  • High density polyurethane foam – High quality foam for maximum comfort and support
  • Removable Front Panel – Provides an adjustable cushion to fit desired seat


Width 45cm x Depth cm x Height 40cm

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 6 × 15 cm


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